Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Dwelling Place

Sitting here at your feet

I just want to know you

Looking into your eyes

Hearing you speak

All the worries of life

Fade in your presence

There’s no place on earth

I’d rather be



How lovely is your dwelling place

My soul longs, Lord, I yearn for you

My heart sings joyful praise

Your glory turns my highest gaze

To Jesus, You’re my dwelling place


Kneeling here at your cross

I just want to thank you

Thinking upon your blood

Poured out for me

All the guilt of my sin

It’s been forgiven

Nailed to the cross

Of Calvary


Jesus, You’re my Sun and You’re my Shield

My life to you forever I will yield

Your goodness and your grace

How awesome is this place

Where you draw me near

And make your heart my home


Bowing here at your throne

I just want to worship

Hailing you as my King

Ruler of all

All of heaven and earth

Kneel in confession

“Jesus Christ is Lord”

Glory to God!

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