Monday, September 20, 2021

Let's teach our children to follow the ways of the Lord

It’s time to build some deeper faith in Christ!

And I say that because much of this world has gone delusional. If you don’t think there’s a war going on for the hearts and minds and souls and bodies of our children, then you’re not paying attention. From LGBT lobbyists to Planned Parenthood to divisive race theorists to Marxists idealogues and more, the battle is raging to capture your children to corruption. 

Oh, it’s under the guise of virtues like equality, love, and justice, but make no mistake, the goal of glorifying things immoral and seducing our children to sinful desires is evident. Even Satan masquerades as an angel of light, but his ambition is always to steal, kill, and destroy.

If you think I’m overreacting, do some homework. See if you agree with the Chicago Public School District’s decision to make condoms available to 5th graders. Or take a listen to the video posted to YouTube by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus as they expressly proclaim that their goal is to convert your children. Read up on which libraries are hosting drag queen story hours, which PBS Kids shows highlight sexual themes, like the Blues Clues pride parade sing-a-long, and which school districts are adopting radical sex education initiatives that introduce young children to homosexuality, gender fluidity and transition, masturbation, contraception, abortion, and seek even to push the envelope on pedophilia!

Parents, we must be vigilant in this fight. We must seek to protect our children. 

The best way I know how to do this is to first fight the battle on our knees in prayer. Let’s ask God to drive out the enemy and surround our children with His love. 

Then let’s be diligent in teaching them the ways of the Lord with grace and truth. God’s Word is still our instruction manual for training up our children in the right way. Let’s practice it ourselves, and let’s be unashamed in teaching our children to follow the paths of righteousness.

In other words, we need Jesus. We need His life-saving and life-transforming grace to help us shape and mold our children into the young men and women He’s created them to be. 

May the light of the gospel dispel the darkness, to the glory of God.

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